Henderson County 4-H Archery

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General Archery Program and Competition Rules and Guidelines

There will be three different divisions in the archery competition. Each division will have awards for the top ten individual shooting scores in each age class. 


  1. Genesis Compound 
  2. Recurve 
  3. Open Compound 

Age Classes – There will be three age classes for each division: Junior (4-5 grades), Junior High (6-8 grades) and Senior (9-12 grades).

Entry Fee – There is a $15.00 fee per entry.

Entry Limit – There is no limit to the number of entries per county.

Scoring – All scoring will be individual only.

Qualifying For The State 4-H Invitational – The top 50 percent individuals, not to exceed 25, of the 8-12 grade from the Recurve and the Open Compound Divisions, will be invited to the State 4-H Invitational to be held in Fall 2018.  The State 4-H Invitational will be the qualifying match for the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships in June 2019 in Grand Island, Nebraska (not all competitors may be eligible for Nationals). 

Equipment – All archers must wear closed-toed shoes at all times on range.

Any bow that uses pulleys or cams is deemed a compound. 

Equipment Standard For Genesis Division

PermittedNot Permitted
GENESIS“Original Genesis” bows; solid color or color pattern bow with a solid taped sight window with no modifications or accessories other than a wrist sling and/o​r “finger savers”.Brass nocks; Genesis Mini Bow; Any bow with a color pattern or markings in the sight window.
ARROWS (must be supplied by the shooter)30-inch 1820 aluminum arrows, 7075 alloy, UNI Bushing and Easton press-fit ‘G’ nock (or NASP 1820 glue-on nocks), nickel plated target point with 2.8-inch vanesAny other arrows, bushings or nocks not listed.

Open Compound division will be open to any compound bow, including Genesis. Arrows for all divisions must be provided by the participant. All equipment will be subject to inspection.

Equipment Standard For Compound And Recurve Divisions

PermittedNot Permitted
RECURVEOne adjustable sight pin or multiple hunting style sight pins may be used; clicker and kisser buttons permitted; front and rear stabilizers; V bar stabilizers (given provision that v’s extend forward and back and not to the sides); Participants may have as many sight pins as deemed necessary; Torque compensators are permitted. 60 lb. maximum draw weight.String peeps and mechanical release aids; draw keeps; sight lens or lens kits
COMPOUNDRelease aids; String peeps, optical sights; spirit levels; front and rear stabilizers; V bar stabilizers (given provision that v’s extend forward and back and not to the sides); 60 lb. maximum draw weight. Multiple pin sights allowed.Overdraws may not place the arrow rest further than 6 cm from the pivot point of the bow; No electronic sights (clarification 3/22/17).
ARROWS for all disciplines – must be supplied by shooterMust meet minimum standards for their respective division.No arrows larger than 27/64ths in diameter are permitted